Crowdfunding 2022

After having made a name for ourselves as a live act performing our own material and also providing backing vocals for other bands and solo artists, it is now time to tackle a new and exciting project: our first studio album! We’ve got many deliciously heavy songs lined up – including cover songs as well as a generous serving of epic originals – and are rehearsing them intensely.

Now, producing an album is a costly affair and our brand of music so specific that not every studio is suited for us. To give you and us a final product that rocks and tugs at the heartstrings, that’s complex and still worms its way into your ears, where the lowest bass and the most soaring soprano caress your senses and rouse your spirits, we need YOUR support:

You can find our campaign here:

in which you can not only help us out but also get one or five Christmas parents for your loved ones. The campaign will be running until the 15th of December.

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You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram and – this is new! – our Telegram channel.

Thank you! 🤘