We are Stimmgewalt. 12 voices, no instruments. We give you dark a cappella music!

NEWS: Release of first studio album on 1 Dec 2023! Pre-order here

Dark A Cappella – Dark music without instruments. In late 2023, the band Stimmgewalt redefines a brand-new, diverse genre with the release of their first studio album, Eskhatophonia. With 7 female and 5 male singers, unexplored sonic landscapes are created, with facets that can be newly discovered in every single song. The exploration of the dark side of polyphonic singing is achieved perfectly: an unforgettable listening experience. Stimmgewalt have already made a name for themselves on stage for a decade.

Now, we follow up with our first studio album – produced by Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost). The common thread of the album Eskhatophonia (“Sounds from the End of All Things”) is the end times and the prophecy of what might follow. Twelve diverse songs transport the audience into an apocalyptic (audio)vision, embedded in Stimmgewalt‘s unmistakable sound.

Apart from out own music, we also support other bands with a rich choir sound. You can see the list of musicians we have already joined on stage or in the studio here: REFERENCES. You are in need of versatile backing vocals? CONTACT us.

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