Album “Stimmgewalt Acoustic Tour 2017” Teaser

Our new live Album!
In a few weeks the CD of our acoustic tour 2017 will be released. Here’s a short teaser for you!

Stimmgewalt at WGT 2018!

We will sing two concerts at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig!

First performance will be at Victorian Village (12:15 as opener), come and hear wonderful music, see creativ clothes and have a cup of tee!

Second performance will be at VEID e.V. 16:10 as a benefit concert. Every time we’re singing there it is an awesome experience – come and share it with us this year!


See you there,

Concert with Orphaned Land in Berlin!

We’ll sing another concert in Berlin with  Orphaned Land as part of the Anniversary & Very Best Tour 2016!

Together we’ll play a show at November 8th at Bi Nuu – it will be a metal set.

Additionally you can meet our new members in person.

Come visit us to make the evening legendary!

Doors: 19:00
Start: 19:30


VVK: 22,06€ here: Tickets Orphaned Land 8.11.2016 Bin Nuu

Orphaned Land in Berlin 08.11.16

Moran Magal – Shades of Metal Release Concert

We’ll sing backing vocals for Moran Magal again! Plus Aletchko will play along on his violin and Nanovoice will support us – don’t miss this one!

There will be also an Aftershow Party with Jan (DJ von Stimmgewalt) at the turntables.

Location: Maze, Berlin

Tickets: 10€, 15€ at the door

Stimmgewalt is searching for singers in Berlin!

VE in-ear headphones!

We are very happy to become a part of the Vision Ears family – these customized in-ear headphones are a blast!

Vision_Ears_Logo_Lang produces high-class custom in-ears and, of course, Jan von Stimmgewalt has his pair in a customized Stimmgewalt-Box: