Stimmgewalt at WGT 2018!

We will sing two concerts at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig!

First performance will be at Victorian Village (12:15 as opener), come and hear wonderful music, see creativ clothes and have a cup of tee!

Second performance will be at VEID e.V. 16:10 as a benefit concert. Every time we’re singing there it is an awesome experience – come and share it with us this year!


See you there,

Moran Magal – Shades of Metal Release Concert

We’ll sing backing vocals for Moran Magal again! Plus Aletchko will play along on his violin and Nanovoice will support us – don’t miss this one!

There will be also an Aftershow Party with Jan (DJ von Stimmgewalt) at the turntables.

Location: Maze, Berlin

Tickets: 10€, 15€ at the door